Airoh Twist 2.0 BOLT MATT

Airoh Twist 2.0 BOLT MATT


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Airoh Twist 2.0motocross helmet

Airoh requests the next dance! Not a slow waltz on a smooth, polished dance floor, but rather a free and easy, energetic off-road twist! Lightweight, exhilarating, and pushing the limits, that's the Airoh *Twist 2.0* enduro/motocross helmet. The secret to its great performance is the HRT shell (high-resistance thermoplastic), equipped with two EPS to guarantee an optimal fit. Back spoilers for enhanced aerodynamics also play a big part. The *Twist 2.0* is incredibly stable, even at high speeds.

  • Material: HRT (thermoplastic)
  • Outer shell sizes: 1 (XS-XXL)
  • Fastener: Double 'D' fastener
  • Weight: approx. 1,240 g
  • Lining: Removable and washable head and cheek pads.
  • Ventilation: Adjustable top inlets plus rear outlets
  • Other features: adjustable peak, ASN (Airoh Sliding Net System), a 3D woven structure designed to reduce the force transferred to your head in case of an impact
  • Certificates: ECE 22.05

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